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Håkan Lans

About the inventor:

Håkan Lans was born in Stockholm in the Old Town 1942, where his father owned a pawnshop. Håkan´s great interest to be an inventor started already when he was young, when he was given mekano on his birthday and name day.
- If I wanted to have a crane, I just built one. I could sit and screw a whole day, he tells.

 When he became teenager he began to invent more seriously. Håkan Lans constructed for example a cart with engine. Some years later built he a submarine that could dive to 110 meter deep. His first real famous invention was a sort of pointing apparatus that he used when he drew curves in a computer. The computer mouse was born! There are however shared opinions about who the inventor to the mouse was, because at the same time an American inventor, Douglas Engelbart did a construction that work in the same style as Håkan Lans. It was Engelbart that got the patent for the mouse.

Another famous invention that Håkan Lans made was the colour graphics in computers.

The latest big invention that he has made is a satellitnavigationsystem that work the same way as GPS. GPS is a system which is made of satellites which help you to determine the position where you are. The benefit from Håkan´s invention is that you can see where and on which height another persons are .The satellitnavigationsystem can also be named radiolink. Håkan has worked with the project for 18 years. The radiolink has already become a standard in see traffic, and in the flight the system’s popularity increase. Håkan Lans thought from  the beginning that he could take patent on the radiolink, but since the system today is a standard, he had to resign the patent. Today, it has also issued a stamp that has a picture of himself and his invention

Today lives Håkan Lans in Saltsjöbaden, which is located near Stockholm. He has a wife and one daughter. Except to invent ha also likes to sail. When he been consulted about what it is that force him to invent, he answer:
- It's really funny.